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Why Hire A Qualified Arborist?

Hiring an arborist in the Margaret River region is a decision that should not be taken likely. Well cared for (especially native) trees are attractive and add value to your property however, trees that are poorly or unmaintained can become a significant liability. Our southwest arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide safe, proper care to the trees. South West Tree Services are experienced and committed to providing a responsible and professional tree trimming job.

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Our certified arborists service Margaret River, Augusta, Cowaramup and South West areas.


Tree Trimming
Tree removal

Tree Pruning, Trimming & Lopping

‘Tree lopping’ is not really the correct term to use, but the word ‘pruning’ is more widely used and is a technique used to ensure healthy tree growth and a natural shape.  It is also an important tree care activity as it will control disease in the tree and therefore improve safety.

Tree pruning
Tree pruning

Tree Pruning Before & After

Tree pruning is a vital part of maintaining the health of the tree and ensuring the safety of the environment. When trees are getting too close to power lines or are looking a little untidy, pruning will provide an effective change to the look and wellbeing of the tree.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is often necessary to ensure the security of assets and bushfire compliance. A sick tree can also become a dangerous tree and therefore removal is the only option.

Confined Space Tree Removal

A South West Tree Services Specialty in the Margaret River Region

Confined space tree removal should always be left to a qualified arborist for insurance and safety reasons. Our staff are all qualified in advanced rigging so if the tree is structurally sound, we can rig off the tree and carefully remove large trees from confined spaces. We also work closely with a local cranage company if the tree is not structurally sound so the removal can be achieved without damage to the client’s assets.

Confined space tree removal
Fire Break Compliance in Margaret River

Fire Break Compliance

Fire break and fuel hazard reduction is a legal requirement within the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.  SWTS can assist with clearing and pruning of trees to ensure the firebreak is compliant with the Shires’ fuel and hazard reduction policy.

Mulch delivery Margaret River

Mulch Delivery in Margaret River & Surrounds

Many clients love to keep the mulch from trees they have had pruned or removed, however, some clients do not wish to use this fabulous by product of our work. South West Tree Services can deliver mulch to your property help you retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, and help improve the soil’s fertility as it decomposes.

View enhancement

View Enhancement

Sometimes in order to take in the beautiful views of our Margaret River region, a little landscaping is required. We use proper pruning techniques to enhance river, ocean and rural views. This can have the added benefit of increasing light into your property or garden without compromising the health and beauty of your trees. South West Tree Services can prune, reduce the crown or lift the skirt of the tree to enhance the view of your property and surrounding area.

Stump grinding removal
Stump grinding and removal

Stump Grinding and Removal

South West Tree Services can remove the stump of a felled tree using its specialised stump grinding equipment. This process is important if you are planning on paving or building over the area where the tree was removed as it can regrow if not removed and cause problems in the future.

Vineyard management
Orchard removal
Vineyard management

Vine and Orchard Removal

South West Tree Services provides tree management for many of the lovely wineries in the Margaret River region. We’ll keep your vineyard looking well manicured and healthy.

We can remove vines to replant other varieties or restore area back to pasture.

Storm damage

Emergency Storm Damage

Storms in the southwest can leave a lot of dangerous and inconvenient debris on your property – particularly when it comes to downed or damaged trees. South West Tree Services provides a prompt and efficient service when you have been affected by storm damage.

Tree clearing
Land clearing

Land Clearing

We provide land clearing services for your bush block if you are planning to build to help you comply with the BAL assessment, while trying to maintain as many trees as is possible to ensure safe access and development. We can also provide parkland clearing for bushfire management and new house sites. Using an arborist ensures that the trees that you wish to keep are not damaged and all waste is chipped and recycled.

Developers can use a tree crew to selectively clear trees and mulch all waste material.  South West Tree Services will remove trees without damaging trees that are remaining and recycle the mulch on site, reducing environmental impact and cost.

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Certified

Registered User of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Method which is the internationally recognised best practice in assessing the tree risk to your home and family.

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